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Thin veneer save more forest


Paper backed veneer

 Fleeced or non-woven back also available.it is strong and flexible easily for any shape and style of furniture door  and panels.Species:Ash.beech.cherry.oak.walnut.red oak.teak.acacia.etc.size:2'x8/4'x8''.customed size available.

this big size veneer suitble for curved plywood,panel and different style and shape,it is strong and flexible 


 PSA VENEER           Skateboard veneer       Flooring veneer   Knitting veneer   Skateboard veneer  Bamboo veneer Paulownia veneer   Edge banding  

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Edge veneer

Door skin

Flooring veneer

Reconstitute veneer

Curved plywood 

Color plywood

Inlay marquetry

Customed veneer



Veneer edge banding with hot melt back,you can use it directly without any adhensive.better choice for saving your time and cost.


flexible bendy plywood